Man dies after getting wrong medications at Florida hospital

Location: Hernando County, Florida
Plaintiff: An 86-year-old man 
Defendant: A hospital
Amount: Confidential settlement
Alleged Injuries: Medical malpractice, negligence, and wrongful death after a hospital patient was given the wrong medications and died


The plaintiff had seizures, convulsions, a heart attack and died after a hospital pharmacist and nurse processed and administered three medications that were never intended for him.

The plaintiff was given Morphine, Narcan and Bupivicane. Narcan is an antagonist for morphine, and Bupivicane is used for nerve blockages. Bupivicane is a topical drug that is not supposed to be used intravenously, as the pharmacist’s instructions directed.

The drug cocktail was intended for another patient, but pharmacist misinterpreted the prescription, and the nurses gave the medications to the plaintiff instead. Soon after a nurse gave the plaintiff the Bupivicane through an IV, he began to seize and convulse before having a heart attack. He died that night.

The hospital and its staff failed to perform a documented nursing practice of the “5 Rs” (right patient, right medication, right dosage, right route and right time) before administering the medication. They also failed to have an appropriate system of checks and balances in the pharmacy department to prevent dangerous, life-threatening medicines from being given to the wrong patient.

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