Man suffers eight falls, serious bedsore at Florida ALF

Location: Manatee County, Florida
Plaintiff: An 87-year-old man
Defendant: An assisted living facility, its executive director and administrator
Amount: Confidential
Alleged Injuries:  Non-lethal negligence, lethal negligence and wrongful death in the case of a man who suffered eight falls and multiple trips to the ER while he lived at the facility


A man who moved into an assisted living facility because he needed help managing on his own after his wife passed away ended up with three visits to the ER and one longer hospitalization. His injuries included numerous skin tears, a Stage II coccyx ulcer, dehydration, infections and eight falls.

The facility and its staff failed to provide a safe environment for the plaintiff and to prevent him from developing decubitus ulcers. They also failed to provide adequate hygiene and to respond to his dehydration appropriately. As a result, he suffered pain and disability before his death.

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