Auburndale Oaks among dozens of nursing homes in distress

09 May 2018
Media Mention

Lakeland Ledger

W&M attorney William Murray talked to Lakeland Ledger health reporter Marilyn Meyer about the risk that lack of oversight of nursing home ownership poses to residents. Companies without the experience or financial resources to properly operate a facility can leave residents without the care and services they need. In this case, Skyline Healthcare is a nursing home chain that expanded rapidly across the nation in a short period but then notified officials in Kansas and Nebraska that it could not meet payroll for its facilities in those states. Skyline nursing homes in South Dakota and Arkansas faced the same fate, and facilities in Pennsylvania and Florida weren’t far behind. 

 “We cannot continue to turn over the care of our nursing home residents to out-of-state groups of people with no scrutiny and expect different results,” Murray told the Ledger.  

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