Wife killed, husband injured in Mississippi trucking accident

Location: Desoto County, Mississippi
Plaintiff: A female driver
Defendant: A trucking company and driver
Amount:  Confidential settlement
Alleged Injuries:  Negligence, gross negligence, loss of spousal consortium and wrongful death after a couple was involved in a tractor-trailer crash that left the wife dead and the husband severely injured


A couple married for nearly 60 years were traveling northbound on US 61 on their way to Memphis from a trip to Tunica, Miss., in December of 2014. The wife was driving while her husband was in the passenger seat.

Meanwhile, a tractor-trailer driver traveled on Stateline Road a few miles east of US 61 near Walls, Miss. There is a stop sign at the intersection of Stateline Road and US 61 that required the truck driver to stop his truck and yield the right-of-way to those vehicles traveling north and south on US 61. The driver proceeded to make a grossly negligent left turn at this stop sign. As a result, he blocked the roadway at night with his tractor trailer in a grossly negligent manner.

The married couple had no time to stop and slammed into the back driver’s side portion of the tractor trailer near the tires. The collision killed the wife and severely injured the husband.

The tractor-trailer continued to block US 61, and it did not have on any hazard lights, nor were there any emergency reflective devices placed near the tractor trailer to warn drivers of a stopped commercial vehicle in the roadway. In fact, witnesses recall approaching the cab of the tractor trailer only to find no driver inside the vehicle. Witnesses also state that the driver of the tractor trailer never rendered aid, nor did they ever see him call 911.

The defendants violated numerous Mississippi traffic statutes and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations before, during and after the crash in this case.

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