What is an appeal? An appeal is not a new trial, but rather an opportunity where the facts and evidence in a case can be argued again, perhaps this time with a different outcome. If a trial lawyer’s job is to present and convince juries the facts of a case, then an appellate lawyer’s job is to persuade and argue the law to judges. Doing that requires a deep understanding of the law and the ability to explain it well.

If we win your case and it is later threatened by an appeal, we are prepared to fight for you in that next step. Both crafting a successful appeal and defending one takes excellent research and writing skills, as well as the experience to spot key issues in a case that could affect the outcome of the appeal. Wilkes & Associates has a team of highly talented and meticulous attorneys prepared to comb through case law to identify obscure legal issues, craft effective arguments, and deliver them persuasively.

Our attorneys have a record of litigating and winning high-stakes appeals for our clients. In fact, some of our successful appellate decisions have helped set legal precedents in multiple states and influence laws in the long-term care industry. We are licensed and experienced in state and federal appeals courts across the country. You can read more about our successful appellate work on the Experience page.