How a small company above a N.J. pizza parlor put Kansas nursing home residents at risk

15 Apr 2018
Media Mention

Kansas City Star

In yet another investigation on Skyline Healthcare, the Kansas City Star examines how the nursing home company was able to take over operations of 15 facilities in that state with little scrutiny from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. Skyline’s owner, Joseph Schwartz, last month notified the state the company would not be able to make payroll and other financial obligations — putting 845 residents at risk and leaving untold numbers of employees and vendors in limbo about their paychecks and payments. The KDAD has since petitioned the courts to take control of the homes and enlist the help of another operating company to run them until the dilemma could be resolved. 

W&M managing attorney Bill Murray was quoted for the story. 

“Oftentimes in the change of ownership process, new operators will create companies that have no track record and no history, even though the people behind them do, in order to escape any scrutiny about whether they’re qualified to take over the facilities,” Murray said.

“Where are all the people who supposedly work on the second floor of a New Jersey pizza parlor? The people who are supposedly working for Dorothy Healthcare Management, taking care of all these frail, elderly Kansans?”

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