Three brothers killed in trucking accident in Arkansas

Location: Prairie County, Arkansas
Plaintiff: Three brothers 
Defendant: Trucking company
Amount: Confidential settlement
Alleged Injuries: Negligence in a tractor-trailer accident that left three brothers dead


Three brothers were killed by a driver who never should have been on the road. They were stuck in traffic that had come to a standstill because of road construction. They were unaware that as they sat stopped behind a double-trailer FedEx truck, another tractor-trailer was barreling toward them. Its driver, a man with a driving record littered with violations, had fallen asleep at the wheel. He never even braked.

The impact slammed the SUV into the FedEx trailer in front of it, ripping that truck’s trailer open and sending its contents flying all over the road. The man driving the tractor-trailer walked away from the crash; the men in the SUV never had a chance.

The driver had six recent driving violations and had his commercial driver’s license revoked in Tennessee because of multiple traffic citations. Despite his horrible driving record, he was hired anyway and pushed to “make time.” Evidence uncovered by our team showed that the trucking company had not only encouraged him to push his limits, they had not installed common technology to record drivers’ performance and sound alarms when they drive dangerously.

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