Two tractor-trailers involved in crash that injures woman

Location: Crittenden County, Arkansas
Plaintiff: A female motorist
Defendant: A large trucking company
Amount: Confidential settlement 
Alleged Injuries: Negligence and vicarious liability that lead to a multi-vehicle accident and caused a woman severe injuries


The defendant was driving a tractor-trailer on I-55 in Memphis, Tenn., heading north toward Arkansas. He was in the right lane and tried to move into the left lane when he hit another driver, who then struck the retaining wall. The defendant crossed the bridge and pulled over to the side of the road, while the other driver’s car was disabled in the left lane.

Meanwhile, the victim was traveling that same route in the right lane behind another tractor-trailer.  Both were heading into Arkansas, crossing the Mississippi River on I-55 north.  The victim proceeded to enter the left lane, while the tractor-trailer remained in the right lane of the interstate. Once on the bridge, the victim collided with the disabled car in the left lane. The violent impact caused her to ricochet to the right lane where she struck the tractor-trailer. The victim’s Honda spun around and slammed into the retaining wall before skidding back to the right lane.

The victim suffered a fracture to her left femur and underwent surgery to have a metal rod and screws placed in her leg. After surgery, she developed anemia that required a blood transfusion; developed hypoxemia (low blood oxygen); developed a fat emboli, which is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by globules of fat released by the bone that travel to the brain or lungs; became tachycardic and required oxygen for two days; and was placed on heavy narcotics, including Dilaudid and oxycodone, for pain and when that was not sufficient she was given Morphine injections.  She had extensive medical bills and missed six weeks of work.

The defendant driver was negligent, made poor decisions, and started the sequence of events that put the victim and other drivers in danger that day. Arkansas State Police cited the defendant driver for an improper lane change in causing the accident, and a trucking expert determined that the defendant’s reckless move was the catalyst for the victim’s crash.

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